One who wants to join the Indian army has many options based on his/her age and educational qualification. There are different types of entries to join Indian army as an officer, few permanent commission entries like NDA entry, Direct entry ( CDSE), ACC entry, TGC entry, AEC entry, Military Farm entry, UES entry, 10+2 TES entry. Also Indian army has short service commission entries like, SSC-tech for men and women, SSC- non tech entries for men and women.

Permanent Regular Commission

A permanent commission means a career in the army till you retire. For permanent commission, you have to join National Defence Academy, Pune or Indian Military Academy, Dehradun or Officers Training Academy, Gaya.

Type of Commission Education Requirement Training Remarks
NDA Entry 10+2 Four Years (Three years at NDA, one year at IMA) Awarded Graduate Degree from NDA
Direct Entry Graduate One years and six months
ACC Entry 10+2 Four Years (Three years in ACC Wing and one years at IMA) Graduate Degree from ACC Wing
Technical Graduate Course and Post Graduate Entries (AEC & MF) Technical Graduate and Postgraduate (AEC & MF) One Years Awarded 1 years ante date seniority only to Tech Graduate
University Entry Scheme Engineering Degree One Years at IMA Awarded 1 years ante date seniority only to Tech Graduate
10+2 Entry TES 10+2 (PCM) Pre-Commission Training four years and Post Commission Training one years

Short Service Commission

You also have the option of Joining the Army and serving as a Commissioned Officer for 10/14 years. At the end 10 yrs you have 3 options. Either elect for a Permanent Commission or opt out or have the option of 4 years extension. They can resign at any time during this period of 4 yrs extension.
A Short Service Commission empowers you with analytical thinking, planning skills, administrative and organizational abilities. Qualities which will make you an invaluable asset for any organization that you join after the Army and there are opportunities to side step to an alternate career for which Army will also help you.

Type of Commission Education Requirement Training Remarks
Technical Engineering Degree/Equivalent/M.Sc (Computer Science) as applicable to different corps 49 weeks Awarded one year ante date Seniority
Non-Tech Graduate 49 weeks
SSC (Women) Tech Graduate/PG Diploma PG Degree /Engineering Degree 49 weeks Awarded one year ante date seniority for Tech Graduate
SSC (Women) Non Tech Graduate 49 weeks

Note: Women Officers inducted in JAG and AEC will be considered for Permanent Commission.

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